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July camps and updates

It’s hard to believe it is July! The summer is blowing by. I’ve been a little off our studio schedule and I appreciate everyone being understanding. Our household ended up with Covid a few weeks ago and I’m still tired when I do too much of anything. I ran up to Chicago with Adair this weekend to drop her for a summer session as well so thanks for the patience with my off hours!! I leave again July 14 and will return July 20, Liz Blalock will be available during some of that time as will Emily, Darlene and Sophie. Please reach out if you need to get by since that week will be a little off schedule as well.

We are thrilled that Sophie Webber will be around during July and letting members know when she’s heading over to work so you can have a few more hours in the studio. Please introduce yourself to her if you haven’t met her yet.

Several of you mentioned wanting to do the fish I did with the spring classes, let me know if you’d like the template for that. I have it in a couple of sizes. It’s a fun one. If there was anything else we did you’d like to learn, let me know!

Donna’s class has been going well, it’s nice having her back. If you are interested in an intermediate class with her, please let me know so I can pass that on to her. She has mentioned wanting to do that so if there is enough interest we will schedule that. The other classes we discussed are her haunted houses and her pumpkins. Please let me know if there is interest in those as well.

Studio hours for July are the same as they’ve been scheduled for June. Please see the previous post for those hours.

Additional studio hours in July during kids’ camps:

July 21 & 22, 9-4, we will be taking a lunch break probably from 12:00-12:45.

July 25 - 28, 9-11:30, 1:00-3:45 daily

Thanks! See you around the studio!


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