Children's Classes, Workshops, and Camps

Children's programming at MSFA introduces children to the joys of creating. 

Afterschool Artists introduces grade school children to a wide variety of materials, techniques, and styles of art.  They learn a range of drawing, sculpture, collage, printing, painting and more hands on in MSFA's main campus located at 209 Franklin St, Natchez. 

Clay Classes for Children introduces children to handbuilding a range of sculptural and functional pieces in clay.  Clay Classes for Children are held at the Pottery Studios of MSFA, located at 101 Clifton Ave, Natchez.

Camps for children are held during school vacations and are age appropriate lessons in a fun environment at both campuses.

In addition to classes, workshops and camps, children's birthday parties are a popular way to celebrate milestones with friends.  Several options for painting parties, fabric dyeing parties, and clay parties are available for groups.