Pottery classes are held at our 101 Clifton Campus.  We have a fully equipped studio including seven wheels, a large slab roller, a wall mounted extruder, numerous texture pads, templates, work tables and other helpful studio items.  We fire electric oxidation kilns to mid-range (cone 5-6) and use Laguna Clay bodies for our work.  Clay is available for purchase at $15 per bag which includes tax.  We currently have over a dozen glaze formulas we provide for both classes and studio members.  Glaze firing fees are competitive with other studios and we do our best to keep those low and reasonable.  Pottery Studio members have 24/7 access to the studio and its equipment.  Membership includes a storage shelf and access to both studios at any time other than when a workshop or class is in session. Please inquire about becoming a clay studio member.

We currently have a resident artist in our pottery studio who maintains the space while building her own body of work.  We invite inquiries for resident terms and have a rolling application process to become a resident.

A variety of ongoing classes, intensive workshops, work sessions for community projects like Empty Bowls, and more happen throughout the year in our pottery studios, we invite those interested to learn more.