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Firing updates

Thanks for being patient. I know a lot of you have a lot of stuff on your shelves to be fired, I do too. If you have bisque, go ahead and put it on the shelf to be fired. Please put out anything for a glaze firing tomorrow night and I will get there Wednesday morning to run a glaze load.

Paul and I both got back in town Tuesday evening. He is finished with his radiation and his follow up is bloodwork in September then every three months thereafter. He is doing great but it takes some time for the medications he's been on to wear off and for them to see what's going on in blood work so while we're both thinking positive thoughts, it just takes some time to see how it all went. But he's doing great otherwise.

Walked in to a failed water line on the third floor which had been running for several days. My house has some pretty significant damage on all three floors and I just don't know how often I will be around the school outside of teaching a dif I'm there what kind of energy I am going to have for chores. This is extensive and overwhelming. Servpro arrived Tuesday night and got started on water removal but for those of you who have been to my house, there is a lot of stuff and a significant amount of it got wet. They've been running dehumidifiers around the clock when the power doesn't go out! and have taken down two ceilings and they expect to start taking out walls today. luckily the entire house was not damaged, it was contained to about eleven rooms. They are packing us out of the house then we will be able to figure out what's next from there. Thankfully the house across the streeet was available for rent so we can move in there very soon I hope. That said, I've got to focus on myself and this project and there are some chores I need others to take over that Paul and I do:

Putting out the garbage cans Sunday evening and Wednesday evening and bringing those back in on Monday and Thursday after they have picked up. This includes doing a can check throughout the space and taking out anything that needs to go out.

Putting out recycling can Tuesday evening and bringing it in Wednesday after it's been picked up.

Cleaning the studio bathroom. I have been a slacker cleaning the floors this summer in there but located the cleaning supplies for the floor the other day so they're handy now.

Sweeping, vacuuming, shop vacuuming the main studio as needed.

If you notice we need things like paper products, soap, etc, please let me know.

Don't forget to put glazed items out on Tuesday night for me! Please don't put them before then, I have no idea what Christy is doing, I know she has her surgery either the 31st or the 1st and I am going to be checking in with her on setting up a care calendar for her. I will let you all know what she might need and how you can help her out after I talk with her today.

Thanks!! I can't wait to get back to firing your things for you, than you so much for being patient!!!

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