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Classes, fall, and more!

Thank you all for the kind words. This year has been a challenge. I am happy to report that today is the halfway point of radiation sessions for Paul and things look good as far as the rest of his treatment so he is on track to be done and home by the end of August.

If anyone needs clay or anything else, please let me know. I am getting ready to leave for about two weeks on August 11th to take Adair to Cincinnati and will not be able to help out in that time.

You asked so I have added a wheel class! This is for those who have a basic grasp of the wheel, have taken a beginner course at least and want to set goals, come up with ideas, and work more or less independently with my guidance. All levels are welcomed! Just be a beginner at least! We will meet Mondays for six weeks starting on October 9th and finishing November 13th. There is a member discount, when you register online you can choose that option. I hope to be able to schedule a beginner class in the spring. I am also working to add some shorter length classes. If there is something you want to learn to do, let me know. I have asked Donna if she can do a haunted house class/mini workshop and she is checking on dates for that!

I am also working with Ness Kent to come up for a week to teach you some fun things you asked for like slip trailing, sgraffitto, surface treatments etc. She is also very good at coil building and wants to challenge you all with that one! Details coming soon for that I hope!

Susan Bergman is in the middle of transition right now but I do hope to get her here before too much longer as well. She has moved to Kentucky and is setting up a studio there.

Is there interest in bringing back Lora Rust? A while back she mentioned to Patricia wanting to get back to teach here, I have not reached out to her but I will if you would like her again.

I think we are overdue for a member dinner. If everyone would be able to be there, we can do next week, August 8th before member night at 6pm. If there is anyone who would like to help me keep on top of these that would be great. I also know its pretty far off but I'll be getting holiday dinner dates out to you before too long so we can save the date.

Thanks again for the support, it is really appreciated.

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