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Happy Thanksgiving!

Mississippi School of Folk Arts is incredibly thankful for all of our clay members! Thankful for your patience this year as we worked through scheduling hiccups, a change from any time access to limited hours. This was a huge change for all of us! The move is getting close! I don't know about everyone else but the weeks are flying by for me! Thankful for your company and for your excitement about creating. I've seen so many new techniques tried this year! There have been some big leaps and bounds in skills too, I love being the one who gets to load and unload the kiln!! You've all been making beautiful work. And I promise, wheel class, that we will get back on those wheels again very soon! I think there were a lot of Aha! moments the last class session we did, so exciting!!

Today I will be cleaning and moving things, I got delayed on the second bisque firing and will be unloading that today. If anyone has items that need to be glazed and fired, I'll be there about 8:30 until noon working so come on by and let's get them in the kiln! I fired some cute trees and ornaments in that last load! I'll wait until this afternoon to load and fire the glaze firing in case anyone wants to get by to glaze, let me know though, I have a knack for starting the kiln when there's one or two more pieces that get glazed right afterwards!! I know today is a busy day but I wanted you to know I'll be there in the morning and in and out in the afternoon in case anyone can get by and wants to work.

The best date for most of you is Thursday December 15th for our holiday dinner and pottery exchange. Yay! I'm looking forward to visiting with everyone! Make sure to save that date on your calendar! If you are unable to join us for dinner but have something to bring for the exchange, let me know because we'd love to have you be a part of our pottery exchange even if you can't make dinner!

If you'd like to help this morning the chore of the day is cleaning out that office/store room. I've got a high school helper looking for volunteer hours so we will be making a few trips to the new space if anyone can bring a load and wants a peek at the new space! I stopped in yesterday and it's getting emptied out and looking ready for us!

Susan Bergman and I spoke this weekend and we have decided to reschedule her workshop. Her husband has been living in Kentucky since a fall after hurricane Ida where he has a home, property and family. Their house in New Orleans was too difficult for him to navigate and she has been going up there regularly for the last year. Some other health issues have crept up over the last year for him and though they had never planned a permanent move to Kentucky that time has come. She has decided to sell her house in New Orleans and will have a lot on her plate the next few months. She is also planning a fantastic working studio there and is working with the downtown folks in her new home and wow, we might all want to take a field trip to see her when she's up and running, it sounds so exciting! We've spoken to those registered for her workshop and will announce the new date for that as soon as we sit down and look at the calendar.

I hope everyone has a safe, peaceful, and joyful Thanksgiving weekend! Enjoy your weekend, whatever your plans may be! If you're traveling, safe travels! If you're staying home, I hope you have a cozy weekend and enjoy the time off!


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