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Back to Basics

We are happy to welcome Christy Becnel back from her hiatus from teaching while she's been healing! She will be teaching a basics of clay class.

There are several people interested in the session which will be meeting during the day on Wednesdays, please spread the word to anyone who has shown interest in clay so we can fill that class and have enough in the Monday evening class for it to fall into place. If you're interested in reinforcing your basic skills, please sign up soon! This class is designed for those who are completely new to hand building as well as those who want to be sure they have the skills they need to build pieces successfully. Christy is looking forward to teaching a lot more often. Her preference for clay is Alligator Clay Wheatstone so we will be purchasing this only for use in her classes. This is a very nice buff clay, you may have seen it in some of the work the kids did. Christy's work has a very organic feel to it, quite different from most of the instructors that have taught over the years so learning from her will open up new ways to think about working with clay!

Several of you asked for glaze classes or glaze sessions so check the class page and register for these free lessons! Our new buckets arrived so I will be checking all the glazes to be sure their specific gravity is just right (aka how thick or runny they are) and getting our glazes back to where they need to be. The last few weeks got away from me and I'm way behind with those kids of tasks. I'll be catching up as I can, the after school program has wrapped up until September so I hope to have some free time. The new buckets are translucent so you should be able to see and be sure that you have mixed the glazes properly as well as see if they have begun to settle and need another whisk to be most successful. If you want to know more about glazes in general and the best way to have success, sign up for the glazing sessions!

Speaking of being way behind, please send out info to people you know with kids so we can get camps filled. Don't be shy, a lot of people don't know we're out there and they may be looking for something to fill a certain week this summer. Teachers, parents, grandparents are all good audiences, please let them know to help get the word out! Share our instagram and facebook posts too please. It reaches a new audience every time you let someone new know about us and that goes a long way!

Thanks for everything!!


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