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August hours

This summer was a blur with camps, travel, being sick… thank you all for being patient with the crazy schedule!

August hours…

Mondays 2:30-5:30

Tuesdays 2:30-5:30, Member Night 6:30-8:30

Wednesdays 9:00-11:00 and 3:00-5:30

Thursdays 1:30-5:30

Fridays 9:00-11:00

Saturdays TBA

Sundays TBA

I hope to get more regular weekend hours set soon. For now it will be when either Emily or Darlene are available. While I will continue to take Saturday off, I am usually available on Sundays to come by, please don’t be shy about asking if the studio is available! I will let you know if I can’t be there but usually can work it into my Sunday! I begin a wheel class August 15 and will let you all know when the best time for them to come in and practice is and we will add that to the calendar as well!

Summer camp wrapped up last week with a packed week of creative kids! After school classes begin next week, August 8th. If you know any kids interested, send them to the website to sign up!

Beginner’s Wheel starts August 15, if you plan to take the class, please let me know. We have a couple of people registered so it will make and anyone else will just add to it!

If you are planning to take Susan Bergman’s Feathered Finery August 19-21, please register or let me know you will be there and bring by a check. We have nine who have registered and paid and it’s going to be a fun group! I’m so excited for this one and I’ve got an idea or two I want to try out. I can’t wait to see what Susan has up her sleeve for this one! And if you want the bargain of a lifetime, she will be here for two weeks in January with Bird is the Word an intensive workshop where she plans to demo twice daily and provide a few days off in the middle for a breather for everyone. We will be firing pieces which provides the opportunity to complete work with her guidance. Adding bling, repairing parts, glazing, finishing etc are all on the table for this one. And if you subscribe to American Craft be on the lookout for our ad!

We want you to know that the school is officially scouting out potential new locations. If you have any connections or leads, please get in touch with me. We do not have a set date to move, we’ve spoken with Conner to let him know we are actively looking and will not have a date until we find the right place. Sooner than later, we hope to find a spot which will work out for classes and the clay center! We are committed to providing both for the community and are hoping to find just the perfect home for that going forward.

Hope to see everyone for member night!


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