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Artist in Residence Program

Mississippi School of Folk Arts has a Pottery Studio Artist in Residence Program and is developing additional programs beginning in 2021.

Pottery Studio Residents join the Pottery Studios for a six month to two year mentored program.  In exchange for learning to run a studio, artists have full access to all equipment and materials and are provided with clay.  Direction and guidance are given to residents for them to build a body of work and develop their direction to take that work.  Residents are often recent college graduates looking to hone their skills before deciding to set up their own working studio or continue their education in graduate school.  A degree is not a requirement to become a resident.  A knowledge of working with clay, kiln firings, reclaiming clay, and a drive to learn the inside working of a clay studio are necessary.

Residents in all media are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the studios, they have the opportunity to teach at all levels from young children both in an after school setting and in summer camps through adults.  Our Artist in Residence has the opportunity to guide classes for our members' nights, a weekly sessions when members of MSFA gather to learn a new technique and build community.  A percentage of proceeds from classes are paid to the Artist in Residence, a part of the mentoring program includes valuing time and assessing costs of not only finished works of art but of teaching.  This gives our artists the opportunity to earn their income working in the studios.  AIRs have the opportunity to display the body of work completed during their residency in a finale show highlighting the progression of their work while working with MSFA.  MSFA works with residents to help secure safe affordable housing for their stay.  Residents with families are welcome to our program and we will assist potential residents with information about area family resources should they need that assistance.

We are currently accepting inquiries into our Artist in Residence program for our Pottery Studios.  For information about the program, please email us to arrange for an interview and a more in depth overview of our program.  For residencies in other media, please contact us to discuss your work and whether the media is a good fit for MSFA.

MSFA is introducing the Internship Program beginning Summer 2021.  This program is ideal for local high school or college students or those wishing to learn more about how a studio is run while being provided with more hands on guidance from our staff.  Interested Interns should contact MSFA to learn more about the program.  Interns will assist with summer camp programs in all areas and be provided with studio times to work with instructors.  For more information, please contact us today!

Interested in supporting our Artist in Residence Program?  Please contact us with assistance in housing, equipment and other tangible items.  If you would like to financially support our Artists in Residence and help us grow the program while attracting more artists to the Natchez community you may do so by donating to our Artist Residence Program.  You may do this with a membership or with a one time or recurring donation through PayPal.  We thank you for supporting the arts!

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Thank you. We will be in contact with you to arrange for a phone interview. If you have further questions, please contact us

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