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Stop by our fabulous location to see our studio classrooms.  We have two large, light filled spaces dedicated to creative learning.  209 Franklin St has been a creative location in Natchez for over a decade, housing the pottery studios of Conner Burns.  The new Burns Pottery is currently being constructed on the property, adding to the overall creative atmosphere on Franklin Street.  Mississippi School of Folk Arts also provides artist studios for local artists to rent.  These are located at 101 Clifton Ave along the Mississippi River.  To inquire about renting one of these incredible studios, please contact us.  If you have questions about any of our classes or events, please call 601-493-4242 so we can help you.



Traditional Arts in Mississippi

Mississippi School of Folk Arts is a 501c3 non-profit organization bringing together like minded creative thinking people in an environment where the traditional arts are celebrated.  Mississippi has a rich heritage of craftsmen and artisans and we are celebrating that history with hands on workshops, team building events, exhibitions and studio space for artists.  We provide an environment where everyone can have the opportunity to touch the past by using the tools and materials of generations of artists and craftsmen, preserving the arts in the process.  

We are located in beautiful Natchez, Mississippi, on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.  Our classes are held in several locations throughout the area.  Our central location, 209 Franklin St. in downtown Natchez, offers most of our courses.  We offer short courses, an evening long course for everyone interested in creating, and two to six day intensive workshops.  Weekly and monthly ongoing classes for both adults and children are offered for those who are interested in building their creativity over a longer time period.

Currently, classes are offered in oil painting, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, dyeing and textile arts, and jewelry making.  To learn more and stay up to date with our schedule, please email us msfolkart@gmail.com and ask to be on our mailing list.



Get Involved


Education is the core of Mississippi School of Folk Arts.  We believe that by placing tools in your hands, you can change your world.  

We offer intensive workshops as well as ongoing classes which meet both monthly and weekly.  

We reach out to the residents and visitors of Natchez through outreach programs and demonstrations during local events.


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Mississippi School of Folk Arts depends on the community volunteers who help us in everything from accounting to helping hands on at events.

Bring your gifts and help us make a difference in the lives of those who want to expand their worlds through creative experiences.



Postcard Art, Tempera and Ink on Cardboard, Paul Sullivan, Natchez MS

Activities Painting, Pottery and Fabric, Sarah Freeman, Natchez