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Join Mandeville, Louisiana artist Marcia Holmes for a two day workshop learning her mixed media techniques.  Learn to loosen up your style, try new things and look at your art and materials in new exciting ways. 

Students will begin with mixed media underpainting techniques adding pastels build up layers to create several small warm up paintings and onr or two finished larger paintings on pastel paper.

Students will work from reference photographs they have brought with them.


Thursday and Friday February 27&28, 2020


Meets at the MSFA main studio, 209 Franklin St, Natchez


Crafted Gallery and Art Supply is lcated within the MSFA Franklin St Campus.  They generously offer a 10% discount on materials purchased for classes. 


Materials List is below.  Please call 601-493-4242 pre-order materials to assure they are available.


Marcia Holmes - Workshop Materials List


Sanded Pastel Paper  - 400 Grade UART.

    - 4 small sheets - For warm up exercises, sheets can be cut to 6 x 9 or less

    - 1 or 2 sheets 9 x 12 or 12 x 18, for larger works (Mounted preferred)

Portable Easel – MSFA has a limited number of easels available, please reserve your easel by calling 601-493-4242

Soft Pastel  - Your favorite (Suggested: Girault, Great American, Richeson,

          Terry Ludwig)

Hard Pastel – A few of your favorite colors – (NuPastel)

Gouache – White, Prussian blue, Warm grey #2, Cool Grey #2

          or any of your favorite colors (Not Acrylic)

Watercolor – Optional – any / or Tube preferred: Leaf Green,

          Paynes Gray.  Any colors you like.

Ink – Black India Ink; Norton’s Walnut Drawing Ink (optional, but I

          use it a lot)  Extra: FW Acrylic Inks of any color.

Oil Paint  - A tiny amount of two or three transparent colors;

          One shade of blue, red, & yellow.  My selection is: Sennelier Prussian Blue, (Brun)Brown Pink, and Burnt Sienna or Transparent Red Oxide. I use Williamsburg Turkey Umber a lot.

Paint Brushes  - Wide (1 ½ in. – for oil, ink – separate brushes)

          Smaller - gouache, watercolor.  Old brush – filbert for oil.

Charcoal – 1 flat General’s 2B or 4B or charcoal pencil



*REFERENCE PHOTOS:  - 2 for Inspiration!

*VALUE VIEWER APPLICATION – for IPad or IPhone has been discontinued; however I have it and you may. If not:  NOTANIZER APP or mono, grey scale on your phone.  SEE VALUE APP is good!  Preload it.


Other Supplies:  Divided Styrafoam Plates, Water spray bottle, container for

            Water, & ODERLESS mineral spirits, a palette knife, scissors, paper towels, Support board for your pastel sheet and tape; Pastel pencils are optional; Viewfinder; I will have odorless mineral spirits, if you cannot transport it.

          Please feel free to share my extra supplies and only buy/bring what you can!!


Questions:  marciabholmes@aol.com              www.MarciaHolmes.com


Marcia Holmes Abstract Pastel Workshop February 27&28, 2020