Week of February 14-19

This week school hours will be:

Monday 1:00-5:00

Tuesday 2:00-5:30, Member's night 6:30-8:30

Wednesday 1:30-5:30

Thursday 1:00-5:30

Friday please call if you need to get by

Saturday 1:00-3:00

Please let me know if you need or want to come by at other times, I am back and forth in the mornings again this week but am available if needed. Please be sure at Clifton to put all school owned items in the main studio by Friday evening. We need to be fully out of the building by the end of February so please make arrangements to have your personal things out by then. Member shelves are ready for you at the school to bring your tools over. We hope to see everyone there Tuesday evening! We are very happy with how things are working in the space and can't wait for everyone to see it and get settled in over there.

Monday night wheel class has wrapped up, we will be continuing again late March for another six week course.

The final bisque was fired and will be unloaded this morning. I am adjusting the final glaze firing at Clifton and will do that this Thursday right after lunch. Please have anything you need glaze fired out by noon Thursday. We are working with the electrician to line up the electrical work needed at the school for the kilns and hope to have those moved over this weekend.

A reminder to please put anything owned by the school into the main studio where we are gathering things for another move. We would like to have as much of that wrapped up Saturday as possible so please take the time to do that by Friday evening.

Other important dates upcoming for the school:

Friday February 25th 5:30-7:00, ticketed event with NLCC

Friday through Sunday, March 4-6, 9am-4pm all 3 days, painting workshop with Carol Hallock. Clay studio will be available during these hours, however, please be respectful of the painting workshop and limit all clay work to the back studio space during this time with the sliding door closed.

Thanks again for being so patient! The move is almost wrapped up,


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