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The kiln is firing!

It took a bit longer than anticipated but the small kiln is now up and running. We are waiting on one part for the large kiln to be properly wired, we hope the electrician will have it running soon as well.

The kiln is filled with work from the kids and the wheel class. If you have any greenware, please put it in the kiln room and I will get it fired as I can. I will unload the kiln as soon as it is cooled enough for that and reload it to fire again asap. I expect another two loads to get back on track with firings. I will begin glaze firing as soon as the bisque is more or less caught up and there is a full kiln load. I expect to be back to a regular firing schedule very soon.

I need to adjust the hours I can be at the studio today. We got going on the kiln vent system at 7:30 and I was able to get away at 10:00. I will not be back for 11:00. Hours today will be 2:00 until 5:30 and then 6:30-8:30. Thanks for understanding, please let me know if you had planned to come in during lunch today and I will figure that out. Sorry for the late notice on that. I will be there tomorrow morning as scheduled.



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