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Studio Updates

Thank you for being so patient through the month of May! We did not expect there to be so many hiccups. The AC is up and running, the electrical work is complete and the studio is nearly back in order from the student art show. We really do have a lot going on at the school all of the time!

Reminder today there are studio hours from 2:00-4:00. Thank Darlene and Emily for volunteering to studio sit on some Saturdays. I will be there earlier, about 12:30 until 2:00, with a group coming in for a class.

I will be firing a bisque load tomorrow, if you have anything ready to be fired, please swing by today and put it out on the shelves. If you have work that is ready to be fired but still damp, you may go ahead and place it on the shelves. I will monitor it and fire it when ready. This will help everyone with getting work completed in a more timely manner. I will be firing a glaze load on Wednesday morning so if you have work ready to go for that firing, please place it on the shelves as well. I was able to complete almost all firings before the art show so there is a good amount of bisque ready for glazing.

I will be adjusting studio hours slightly for the rest of May. The Monday evening wheel class has been rescheduled to August/September so I will not be at the studio this Monday evening. The schedule for the remainder of the month is below:

Saturday May 21 2:00-4:00

Sunday May 22 2:00-4:00

Monday May 23 no set hours unless needed, please contact me for studio access

Tuesday May 24 2:00-4:30 and Member Night 6:30-8:30

Wednesday May 25 9:00-11:30

Thursday May 26 1:00-4:00

Friday May 27 9:00-11:00

Saturday May 28 2:00-4:00

Sunday May 29 closed for the holiday weekend

Monday May 30 Memorial Day, studio closed

Tuesday May 31-Friday June 3

Ness Kent will be in town from New Orleans to teach our clay camp from 9-11, the afternoon session has not yet filled but if it does it will be 1:30-3:30. If you know of anyone interested in clay camp, please let them know about these dates.

Tuesday June 1 we will still have Member Night, there may be a lot of clay things around but we can meet in the clay studio Since Ness will be busy with kids programming in the main studio.

We are excited to have Donna Jones back teaching hand building! There are a few already registered for her six week class beginning Thursday June 9th. If you want a refresher on hand building or you want to build your skills after the Intro to Clay class, we recommend Donna’s class. If you know anyone who has been thinking about taking a class this summer, please let them know she will be teaching. She will follow this class up with an intermediate class later this fall if we have interest. I’m also hoping she will teach her haunted houses class since so many want to make one! If you are interested in either her intermediate or haunted house class, please let me know.

Thanks for everything and for working with us through all the unexpected this month!


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