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September hours

For those of you who missed stopping in, Susan’s workshop was really amazing. If you’re thinking about it, consider her workshop in January. The things she’s able to teach are really amazing and can be applied to anything you’re working on.

September is here! I am changing Wednesday hours a little, this will start this week even though September starts Thursday! I am finding the only time I can squeeze in appointments is on Wednesday mornings. I would like more feedback on when people would like to be coming in. I know the hours offered are not ideal for everyone and I would love to get feedback again on best times since peoples’ schedules change over the seasons.

September hours:

Monday 3:00-5:15

Tuesday 2:30-5:30, member night 6:30-8:30

Wednesday 1:30-5:30

Thursday 2:00-5:30

Friday 9:00-11:00

Saturday TBA

Sunday TBA

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone around the studio!

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