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Pumpkin night!

Come tonight to make your luminaries! Remember this is a mini fundraiser for us so the cost is $5 for members and $15 for guests. We are providing the clay for guests. Thursday from 5:30-7:00 is a good time for everyone to come in to do any finishing details because I will be there with a group from CoLin. Thank Liz, Liz And Penny for this fun night!

Also, if you have not marked your calendars, next week is our member meeting during member night. This meeting has information for the school I want everyone to be aware of so please be sure to come. I would like this to be a potluck dinner before member night so let me know what you will be bringing. I will provide a main course so we will need a salad, a dessert, some side dishes.

Some of you know right now it is Sukkot, this is a festival where we celebrate in a sukkah (booth) outside. Paul has built us a beautiful Sukkah and I would like to invite everyone to come by Saturday at any time to enjoy it! Bring a project or bring a book, bring your kids and family, bring your lunch and stop in. Our address is 300 Linton Ave and you can come on up the first driveway on the left on Linton and enjoy the sukkah! We will be providing nibbles about 5:00 for anyone there then. Yesterday I caught an early hot air balloon flight while enjoying my lunch! If you'd like to come by before then, please feel free! It's been a great place to eat lunch or have coffee or just relax. (Sitting in it now in fact!)

We've added another chair and table and I have some art supplies out there. Don't be shy! It's a beautiful place to take in the sunset too.

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