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Pottery Studio Updates for February

First of all, a huge thank you to pottery members for your patience the last few weeks! We know the move and the disruption has been inconvenient but it will be wrapping up soon!

We will be using this space for general announcements, updates to open studio hours, class times, ongoing classes, and workshops and events. Please check in here regularly so you have the information you need.

We are moving the majority of our remaining equipment today, Saturday February 5th. We know this causes some inconvenience for those wishing to use the facilities over this weekend and we appreciate your flexibility, we know how frustrating it can be to feel displaced.

Kilns and glazes will be among the last items moved. As of today we will have smaller shelves for work for both glazing and greenware. Please have the last of your greenware out for a final firing at Clifton before February 12th. We understand the importance of not having to move un-fired work in its very fragile state so want to accommodate everyone with plenty of advance notice. The final glaze firing at Clifton will be the morning of Friday February 18th, please have anything needing to be fired then on the shelves Thursday the 17th.

For those of you in private studios, you must be moved out of your studios by the end of February unless you have made arrangements with the landlord at Clifton. Private studios must be left clean. If you need Charles Feltus' contact, please let me know. All school owned furniture, equipment, tools, etc must be properly cleaned and placed in the main studio by Friday February 18th. Thank you for doing this so we can keep to our schedule for wrapping up our move. Others, please plan to bring your tools over during our open hours prior to February 18th. All members have a shelf in our new pottery studio which is approximately 24"x36" for you to store your tools and works in progress. There is limited additional shelving for works in progress.

Studio hours during the next few weeks will be announced here. We hope to settle into a regular schedule before the end of the month.

February 6-12:

Monday- 2:00-5:30; 6:30-8:30 (please note wheel class will be in progress in the evening)

Tuesday 2:00-5:30; Member Night Open Studio 6:30-8:30

Wednesday 1:30-5:30

Thursday 2:00-5:30

Saturday 1:00-3:00

Please contact me for available morning hours. I am still spending a lot of time finishing up everything and will be in back and forth a lot over the next few weeks. Please reach out if you are hoping to work in the mornings. We are working to add another evening to the schedule as well as expanding the weekend hours for open studio times. Thank you for being so flexible!

Children's classes will be in session in the main studio room at Franklin Mondays 3:30-5:00, Tuesdays 3:30-5:30, Wednesdays 2:30-5:15, Thursdays 3:30-5:30. This will not affect your work space, however they can be loud some days! They know there is no wandering around the building, there is no reason to be in the clay studio, and that the school rule is if it is not your work, do not touch it. They respect these rules and I enforce them. Mask wearing is also enforced and we are asking everyone at this time to wear your mask, especially when there are children around. It provides them with a good example as well as protects them. We hope the need for masks will wane soon but for now, please wear yours when you are at the school.

Thank you for everything! Please keep communicating with us about what you need and how we can keep this going smoothly, it has been a big help hearing from everyone.


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