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October updates

The kids' art show was a big success and as those of you who have attended or helped out with pulling it together know, it is a huge amount of work. I will be taking today, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off completely from the studio. Liz Blalock is going out of town but you can get in touch with Emily or Darlene or Julia if you need to get in in the meantime. Thank you for understanding. If anyone is available Thursday morning to help me bring things back to the storage space and get the studio pulled back together for working, please reach out.

Hours the next two weeks will be a little bit or miss and again, I apologize for that, I'm not teaching and I have some other obligations at home. Please reach out if you need to get by and I'm not there. I return to my teaching schedule on October 13th and will return to my studio schedule then as well.

We are aware that the limited schedule is challenging to everyone. We recognize how patient everyone has been and appreciate you and your support of the studio. We can't do it without you! Changes are coming in the new year! We hope everyone will be excited about this. I'd like everyone attend a member meeting on Tuesday October 18th at 6:30 so we can make some important announcements about what is next for the school. Please save the date and join us.

Tuesday October 11th, Liz Blalock would like to invite members to bring a guest for a pumpkin lumiere making night at the studio! The pumpkins she, Liz Farmer and Penny have made for samples are as cute as can be and I'll be sending out photos of those soon. Please plan to be there and bring a guest! This is a fundraiser for the school so we're asking for a $5 donation for members and a $15 donation for guests for this evening.

Save the date for our holiday dinner! Tuesday December 13th at 6:30 PM! Bring a piece of your work for our gift exchange and a dish to share for our dinner. Spouses and partners or guests are invited, please let me know by December 6th if you will be there and if you're bringing a guest. If you are unable to attend, please plan to participate in the gift exchange, I have some special pieces from both current and former members around my house from these exchanges!

Kids' classes begin again with session two Thursday October 13th, if you know of any students who are interested, let them know they can sign up on the website! We love seeing new faces around the studio! The youngest students are in kindergarten and the oldest in high school. Our schedule is listed under the childrens class section on the website.

Looking forward to seeing everyone October 18th! Until then have a great few weeks!


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