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New location updates

We got a lot done yesterday, many thanks to everyone who was able to be there to help both yesterday and throughout the week. Moving is never fun but the help has made it easy!

We still have things to move over. If anyone wants to meet me there Tuesday at 5:45 before our 6:30 meeting, please text me and let me know, we can throw things into your car and bring it over. Be sure to let me know though because I will only be there to meet people if there will be anyone coming by! Every load helps! I know not everyone can come Tuesday evening, but please make every effort to be there if you can. (Kids in tow is not a problem.)

Today I will probably head over if the weather clears up and move a few smaller things. If anyone if free this afternoon to help, let me know.

Monday I plan to get over in the morning about 9 and wrap up the painting so I can start setting things up. I will be there Tuesday from 9-11:30 and from 2:00-4:30 as well. If anyone is available to help then with painting, unpacking, and some other things we need to get done over there, please let me know! We are somewhat at the mercy of the electrician as for fully setting up everything since we need to keep the space around the walls open for access. The space is roomy, this won't be a problem for the short term. At this point he plans to be there Wednesday so we hope to have the electrical work completed by the end of this week or early next week.

Before the Tuesday meeting, please look at your schedules for the next week or two and have that in mind for when we figure out who is able to help when to get things finished in the old location. I'd like to have everything moved out by next weekend so we can focus on the things that need to get done for the space to be ready for us to hand over the keys.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday!



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