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Moving timeline

See previous post for updates on final firing schedules, studio hours, etc.

We currently have access to one of the rooms we will be moving into so we are moving smaller items and unnecessary things right now. I am basically loading up and bringing over random odds and ends as I have a few minutes to do that. If there is anyone available to help out, please let me know, I can either be there with you or direct you to what needs to be packed up!

We are hosting Susan Bergman January 6th through 14th. If you are planning to take this workshop, please register now. We will need to make the call on if we have enough participants or not by December 10th. Based on the current number registered, we will not be able to hold this workshop in January and will reschedule that. We hope that will change but based on that, please make note of the following schedule. Should this change you will know as soon as we know that!

Now through the end of the year:

We need to begin wiping down work boards, cleaning, sorting, and packing studio tools, washing lace and other texture tools etc. If you can, please come by to start this job. If you plan to be around a lot to be helping with this, we can get you a key.

No later than December 28th:

Please have your shelf emptied and all personal items packed up and out of the studio by December 28th. This will allow us to bring items into the front rooms to stage things to be moved over in a orderly manner and disrupt the studio operations as little as possible. We expect members to move their tools and any other personal items on their own. Items left on shelves will become the property of the school after December 28th. You will also need to remove any work from the kiln room by this date. Any member work left in the kiln room will be thrown away on December 29th.

January 3-6:

The first week of January we will be packing up as much as possible to be ready to move. If you are available to help us pack up, please come by during the day this week. The more we can get done ahead of time, the less downtime the studio will have. Small items will be moved over this week. Everything being moved over will need to be wiped down and cleaned so we need helpers for this chore as well.

January 7th:

Please be on hand January 7th starting at 9am to help move. We need all members able to be there to help with this. If you have a truck and or a trailer, please plan to have that with you. Should the weather be awful, we will reschedule, otherwise we expect everyone who can to be there to help out. We should be able to get the large equipment moved on that day.

By January 13:

We will need to have everything moved by Friday January 13th. There will need to be extensive deep cleaning done so we need to have everything out of the space by this date. During this week we will also be unpacking everything in the new location and will need help doing that.

January 14th:

Deep cleaning of the studio beginning at 9am. We expect everyone to chip in to help clean the space. There will be several chances for you to help, please let us know who will be there for which cleaning times. This is important as we need to leave the space in excellent condition.

January 15th:

Continuing deep cleaning of the studio beginning at 1:30pm.

January 15-21:

Cleaning, touch up painting etc of the space as needed. Please be available to help with these jobs. Team up with a partner or group and let us know when you can be there.

As you all know, this will be a huge undertaking and everyone's participation is needed for things to go smoothly. We have built in a bit of cushion but want to be out of the building with a week to spare in case anything arises which we need to handle. We hope to have the new space up and running by the 15th and sooner if possible with everyone chipping in. Our priority however is getting the current space emptied, cleaned , and in good shape so settling in to the new space will happen after the old space is finished. Let us know when you can help with things. We have a list of chores that can be taken home to do to help as well.

Thanks! We will update this timeline if we have changes! Six weeks will fly by so thank you for your help!


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