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Moving information

We have found a new location!

We will be moving in to 9 Orange St, at the corner of Orange and Franklin Sts! It is across from Holy Family church and school. We will be located in the gray section of the building facing the parking lot on Franklin St. It is three rooms connected with interior doorways. We currently rent one room in the building which you can see above to get an idea of the space. The other rooms are similar to this, it is very nice and will be a great place for us! We will have a bit more square footage with a better layout and we will be able to have the clay all in one room within the building!

Moving in involves shuffling tenants throughout the building so our timeline is dependent on the other tenants getting things moved to another part of the building. We know we will have occupancy by January but are hoping to be in before then. The other spaces are very full and mostly of antiques which means it is not really something we can help with to move things along any quicker but we do think they will be timely about the process.

There is one other active tenant in the building who is a furniture restorer and he is very excited for us to be bringing creative energy to the space!

The best part of this move is that we will be returning to all access for our members! Thank you for being so patient since February with the limited access and having to work on a schedule. It means a lot to us that you were able to make it work. Tuesday Member Night will continue and we hope everyone will join in then for the fellowship that offers everyone! For those who could make it to the pumpkin event, it was a big success!! Thanks everyone for making that come together! Looking forward to more of those types of classes and group projects!

Planning ahead, we have been and will continue to be moving over what we are not going to need to use immediately, if you are ever available to lend a hand with that, we definitely appreciate it! Just let us know! Otherwise we will need lots of help as we get closer to the big move and after moving out with deep cleaning and all of that to leave the space nice for the next tenants. (Speaking of next tenants, if you hear of anyone, I am sure Conner would appreciate leads. Just get in touch with him if you know of anyone looking. He will be putting a sign up so don't be surprised if you see that in the window soon.) We want to make this move as smooth as possible and minimize disruption, as we find out more, we will be updating so keep an eye here for that info!

And one last thing, please help us pick the date for our gift swap holiday party! We would like to get a vote on the best date for that since not everyone can do Tuesday nights and we would like everyone to be there if possible! We can do it Tuesday December 13 at 6:00, Thursday December 15 at 6:00, or Saturday December 17, either at noon for a lunch party or at 6:00 for dinner; please speak up about which is the best time for you! The days get busy heading towards the end of the year so I'd like to get the date settled now so hopefully everyone can join us for this fun event!

Thanks! See you around the studio!


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