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March 6 through 12th

The painting workshop is still going on Sunday March 6th, however, there are no demos and the students are just working with guidance so please feel free to come by and work in the pottery studio! Their work is really fantastic, if you're a painter and interested in her style, she will be back again to teach. If you get a chance to pop in, take a look around at their work, it is really great.

Hours this week:

Sunday 9-4 (you will need to stay in the clay studio as the main studio is full with painters)

Monday 2:30-5:30

Tuesday 9:00-11:00; 3:00-5:30; Members' Night 6:30-8:30

Wednesday 1:30-5:30

Thursday 11:00-5:30

Friday 9:00-noon

Saturday TBA

We are working to expand hours and provide everyone with more studio access. Please have ideas for when you want to be in the studio so we can do our best to accommodate those times. Bring your ideas to the mandatory member meeting next Tuesday so we can work on the best schedule for everyone. Thanks!


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