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Glaze glaze glaze!

The glaze survey was helpful. There will be some changes as glazes run out but everyone seems to be more or less using the same five or so glazes most often. I've been working on an amber/medium brown clear glaze and I have a recipe for a transparent deep green which is beautiful in photos that I'll be testing soon as well. I've been looking for a reliable celadon, that for some reason is a more difficult mid-range glaze, most celadon recipes are for high fire. For those who are thinking of the Amaco celadons, a traditional celadon is a pale jade green color, very soft and settles nicely in texture, think of Chinese pottery from a few hundred years ago. Almost clear with a hint of lovely soft color in the texture. As for a true red, those are hard to obtain without just using Mason stain unless you are doing a high fire reduction cooling cycle- that's not for our kilns or our clays. If anyone is interested in a red like that, we can do some experimenting but I agree with whoever it was hoping for a true red that the amount of Mason stain needed would be prohibitively expensive for a studio glaze. Remember, look on Pinterest for mid-range/cone 6 glaze recipes, preferably those found on and send interesting ones to me. You can look on directly but it can be cumbersome to search. Send me those, my username on Pinterest is @sgfreentz so just add me as a friend and get those to me if you find interesting looking recipes. This is your clay studio, your input is a big help! Thanks again everyone for doing the glaze survey!

A reminder that I really want everyone to be comfortable glazing with our studio glazes. I encourage you to start making test tiles, please have those stand up on their own for the best results and let me know when you are coming for a glaze session with me. There are options listed on the website or if several of you have a time in mind, let me know when it's best for you and I'll be there if I am available.

I will be firing a bisque this evening followed by a couple of glaze firings to finish everything up. Remember, if your pieces are ready to be uncovered and fired, but not fully dry, it is fine to go ahead and put those out on the shelf. I will not fire them until they are ready but it is helpful for me to know how much work is ready to go for gauging and timing kiln loads. Thanks for the patience with firings, I hope to be caught up with all of it by the end of next week.

We will be moving, organizing and inventorying the clay as soon as possible. I need helpers for that since moving the boxes aggravates an injury in my foot and my lifting heavy things is off limits until that heals fully. I keep making it worse by not fully resting it so I am asking for help from everyone. The clay right now is being stored in a very inconvenient spot that is hard to access and in the way so I'd like to get this job done as soon as we can. Next week there are no camps so that would be a good week to move clay if anyone can be there for that. Please let me know!

Liz Blalock should be getting in touch with you about paying your glazing fees, I have given her the tickets. You can leave cash or a check in the mailbox or you can send it with PayPal or Venmo @msfolkart as well. Thanks for taking care of those!

Christy still has a couple of spots in her classes. Wednesday afternoon needs two more people for it to make. If you will please share the link for that with anyone who may be interested in learning or getting a refresher that would be a big help. Same with summer camps, we need a few more campers for those to be successful. Classes and camps help a lot with paying the bills too!! Filling them is important not just to share what we do but the more people through the doors, the better it is all around for the school.

Thanks d I'll see you around the studio!!


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