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February updates

We're a week into February almost already!

After about ten days being sick and another few days still recovering I managed to hurt my back so I've been trying to take it easy while unpacking. The bisque is not put away yet. It goes on the wooden shelf closest to the wall of anyone wants to take a few minutes to help out and put that away. I'm trying to avoid lifting anything and especially twisting while lifting things so it's going to be another week probably before I feel like I can get to that. Please let me know if you can help out with organizing things in the clay studio or if you would like to take on any of that job. It is your studio, I've laid out certain things which need to stay where they are but otherwise let me know if you can get in there and help to get the space set up.

Kilns are not yet up and running but I plan to get the wiring on those and the venting system connected this week so that we can get the Empty Bowls which are made bisque fired then glazed. Please place any you have made on the shelves to be fired when they are dry. Empty Bowls is Sunday March 5th. Please contact Donna Jones or Patricia Huffines to let them know if you plan to volunteer the day of the event. Tickets will be available for purchase beginning on February 11th at Natchez Coffee. They are available only as long as they have tickets. If you are able to make five bowls for the event it will go a long way towards making it a successful fundraiser for the Stew Pot. Our support means a lot to them. While we are no longer the lead organizers of the event, it's still important to help those in Natchez who have the need for meal delivery. There are a lot of hands needed the day of the event as well so please consider supporting the event by being there to help and don't forget to getyour tickets to support the stew pot financially! (You must have a ticket to get a bowl and gumbo even if you volunteer and these do sell out quickly). Should the event be rained out, we have offered to host at the school. If this is the case, please be available to help out March 4th and 5th so that the school can present itself well. Thank you for your contributions to Empty Bowls, it is appreciated!

Kids' classes started back this week. There are still spots in some of the classes if you know any kids who are creative and might be interested.

MAC Grants have opened and we are looking to schedule some programming so that we can apply for a grant to help with that. If there is an artist you are interested in bringing in to teach (not just clay) please email me and we can talk about possibilities for that. The deadline for grant submissions is March 1st so let us know if there is anything you would like to explore as soon as you can! As a non-profit we need the financial help these grants provide! We have several students who we provide free classes for and other ways we connect with the community but we really want to reach a broader audience and these are great ways to do that. Ideas are appreciated!

Just a reminder if you signed up for January/February chores this is a good time to go by and check to see if things need attention.

Our outdoor cameras are set up and running. When you leave you can check the monitor to view the cameras on the parking lot and on Orange Ave. For the time being, these are the cameras we will be installing because of the costs of the system. If you or your business would like to help out with the costs of the new monitoring system, please let us know. We want our members and students to feel comfortable leaving the building and while in the building. These are investments however and any help towards the costs of these types of things really goes a long way for us. The pandemic was a big financial hit to us and we are still rebuilding our rainy day fund. If you're doing your taxes and seeing that giving more would help with your 2023 taxes, let us know!

That's about all for now! I hope everyone has been enjoying being back in the studio! We are so glad to be in the new space and to have access again for everyone. Last year was rough with that!!!



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