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Do you have any boxes?

Please bring them by! I have used up most of the ones we have and there's a lot more to pack up still. I'm looking for boxes good for packing books mostly, kind of a medium size if you've got those around!!

Depending on the weather, I plan to be at 209 Franklin today packing up as much as I can. Wednesday morning Sarah Smith and I will be meeting at 9:30 to load up and run some of the smaller things over, if anyone is available to join us, please come on by! The more small things we can load in cars and move over the next few days, the less chaotic it will be Saturday when we move the rest of the large things. Wednesday afternoon I will be running Adair back to Brookhaven but I plan to be there all day Thursday and a lot of Friday getting us ready for Saturday moving everything.

Remember tonight is the last night to glaze your work before I take the kilns apart and move them. Please be sure to do your glazing tonight at member night (check in with Liz Blalock to let her know you plan to go!) and leave it on the shelves. I will be putting any bisque on the shelves back on your personal shelf. Most of you have moved your personal shelf items, a couple of you are doing that in the next day or two, thank you all so much for keeping us on track!! If you have moved your shelf and I find any of your work, I will pack it up and move it, you do not need to worry about that.

If anyone is free today or tomorrow to help clean the new clay studio, please let me know! The floors need to be swept and there are some pieces of carpet which need to be rolled up and moved out of the way. Once these things get done I can start painting! Until I paint we can't set up the studio, so let me know who can run by and take care of that! I can be around to help move the carpet pieces during the day. An hour of your time at most and those things can be checked off the list and I can get the studio ready sooner.

Please let me know who can do which of the following things we need done after everything gets moved on Saturday:

Deep clean the bathroom

Deep clean the sinks, including changing the clay trap

Rainbow vacuum all the floors

Clean paint off the floors

Shop vac the floors

Shop vac the floors again (ha, I know it'll need a second go round!)

Paint the front room

Touch up paint in the bathroom

Touch up paint everywhere else

Clean the floors in the kiln room, storage closet, bathroom and hallway

Replacing wooden shelves in large built in shelving unit

Dusting fans, lights, other ceiling fixtures

I'm sure there are other things that will be added to this list, there always are when you move! None of these jobs are that difficult but I do need help in order to get all of them done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are all ready for this new exciting change! Please let me know when you can help this week or what you can help with otherwise. And boxes! Pleeeeeze, we need boxes!! Bring those by!

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