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101 Clifton Avenue Natchez Mississippi

In December of 2019, Mississippi School of Folk Arts purchased Natchez Pottery.  The Pottery Studios of Mississippi School of Folk Arts are located in one of the most beautiful spots in Natchez, along the bluffs above the Mississippi River with views looking over Louisiana and Bluff Park.  The pottery studios are a membership based studio, members have 24 hour a day access to the studios.  Classes are offered throughout the year both for members and those who are interested in learning more about clay.  The pottery studio is a fully equipped studio with a full sized slab roller, clay extruder, ten pottery wheels, two kilns, glazes, a wide variety of tools and equipment for MSFA pottery studio members to use.  Membership is $80 per month.  Interested in joining?  You can do so here or call 601-493-4242 for details and additional information.



Following the example of pottery studios around the nation, Mississippi School of Folk Arts will be continuing the local tradition of supporting Natchez's local food pantry and meal service The Stew Pot with Empty Bowls, the biennial event next held in February 2021. This event began with Natchez Clay, continued with Natchez Pottery and we are proud to continue the effort to help those in need.  Our potters and others in the community work the first Saturday of each month to build the inventory for this limited ticket event.  If you would like to help, please contact us for more information. 

Empty Bowls is one of the largest fundraisers for The Stew Pot, if you would like to sponsor this event, volunteer your time or other resources, we would love to have you contact us.